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CrossFit Protocol High School Summer Program:

• Work out 3 - 5 days/week, all summer, with time off for your camps and vacations.

• Multiple times available each day so you never miss a training day.

• Build strength so that you’re QUICKER and more POWERFUL.

• Increase endurance so you finish each game and practice as STRONG as you start.

• EXPLOSIVE work to increase speed and your vertical jump.

You’ll be surrounded by an encouraging community of people that’ll motivate you to be your best.

The cost for the full summer is $275.

Message us to sign up or ask questions.

There’s ONLY 20 SPOTS available.

Workouts start the week you get out of school and end the week you go back.

We know you’ve got a lot of summer commitments. So it’s designed for you to take time off for camps and vacations without losing any gains.